There are 3 qualities
that distinguish us from competitors

1. We HAVE A COMBINED HISTORY WITH  vast experience

ISSERVICE Inc. started as Edward Dam Information Consulting Services in 2005 and with a later partnership with Josh Evink who …

This remained a part-time business for 7 years, growing each year by a minimum of 30%. This growth was based completely on word of mouth, as we did not advertise at all at the time. In the meantime, owner Edward Dam continued in his full-time capacity as IT Manager for multi-site manufacturing companies in the golden horseshoe area.

To better serve the ever-growing customer base, the business was taken from a part-time side business to full-time status in early 2012. Mr. Dam has been in the IT industry since 1998 and has been doing IT Management for large companies since 2005.

2. Certified specialists

Without a thorough knowledge of network and physical technologies, an untrained technician can harm the customer’s infrastructure. We strive to constantly achieve new levels of education to best provide the service you deserve.

From networking to antivirus control our technicians strive to have a growing portfolio of certifications to best serve client needs. We pride ourselves on being knowledgeable in all facets of I.T. infrastructure and software so that we may serve our clients quickly and efficiently. Along with the standard certificates that any service professional should obtain we will also take our time to learn any unique systems that our clientele use. This allows us to diagnose most issues without the need to contact other external support systems

If we do run into a system or issue that we are unfamiliar with we will take the time to research and learn how to solve the issue so that if it should happen again there is less time dedicated to troubleshooting. On request, we will also contact product support lines on your behalf to solve any external issues. During this process, if there is information that is new to resolving an incident we will properly document and share the information among our staff so that all our technicians can solve the issue in the future.

3. We repair all popular brands

We are proud to say that we can fix almost any model of computer or laptop. We always have spare parts, monitors, motherboards, and other components to troubleshoot with confidence.

Our team swears by their tool kits. We are all tinkerers at heart who love to dissect and repair any hardware issues we come across. What this means is that over our years of fixing hardware we have become very proficient in diagnosing and repairing issues from common to the most complex of problems. This includes products from generally all brands of laptop and desktop workstations as well as the printer, server, and network hardware.

The reason we can diagnose and fix hardware with such precision is due to our ever-growing stock of spare, working, parts. When a unit comes in for repair the likelihood of us having the means to fix it on the spot is high; however, if the needed part is not on our shelf we are quick to recognize and order in any parts required to get the job completed. If you have a hardware issue we have the tools to fix it.

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