Virtualization Services

If you don’t have a virtualization strategy, you should consider one. The traditional server-desktop infrastructure is still valuable in today’s businesses, but the changeover is quickly approaching. The demand from many software vendors is to have a single server for their application. This is to ensure that it operates at peak performance.

The problem is when you have multiple applications that require isolation, your infrastructure grows unnecessarily. This is where Virtualization makes sense. Without using Server Virtualization, the expenses of hardware, software and maintenance for can add up fast.

A slightly larger upfront investment can allow for continued growth with very little additional expense. Today’s hardware can easily handle multiple servers with proper design and deployment. This makes Server Virtualization a must have for any growing small business, medium business or large business.

Your Partner for Virtualization. We Offer:

• Server Virtualization
• Virtualization Management
• Virtualization Deployments
• Linux Server Maintenance and Support
• Physical to Virtual Conversions – Convert your existing physical machines to virtual without reinstallation or losing any data
• Distributed Computing (Virtualization cluster for fail over and Disaster


Cloud Computing

The technology world is buzzing with the latest trend: Cloud Computing. Is it right for your business? What parts of our systems can we move to the cloud? Is it safe and reliable? Does the total cost of ownership (TCO) really save us money? These are all questions that are important to ask, and the answer is different for each company. We will evaluate your individual situation and make recommendations for a Cloud Strategy.

Your Partner for Cloud Computing. We Offer:

• Cloud computing consultation
• Cloud E-mail solutions
• Cloud Storage Solutions
• Software as a service (SAS) Solutions


Systems Support and Implementation

Whatever kind of systems you have in place, we can help! Our staff has over 15 years
experience in a wide range of systems, including but not limited to:

- Data Storage Solutions (NAS/SAN, Offsite replication)
- Microsoft Windows, Server, Active Directory, Exchange and SharePoint Management
- SQL Database technologies (Microsoft SQL, MySQL, Pervasive, PostgreSQL)
- Novell Environment Support
- Email Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam
- Linux systems administration
- Lotus Notes Domino server and Notes clients
- Network Security (AV, Anti-Malware)
- Firewall Management (both software and appliances)
- Web filtering
- VOIP System Maintenance
- Network Infrastructure Design, Implementation and Support


Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Rather than a reactive solution where every minute of downtime is costly, proactive monitoring and maintenance lets you know where your weak spots are, and allows for the scheduled replacement and maintenance of your systems so that they don't go down unexpectedly.

Costs Money

Downtime costs money.

We can configure alerts that tell you (and us) when a system is failing so that we can repair the problem quickly without costly system downtime.