Inventory Management

Do you know how many IT devices (Computers, servers, printers) you have? When they were purchased? Are they under warranty? How much you are spending to maintain them? With our Inventory Management services, we can track your assets, how much you paid, warranty status and maintenance history. This allows for accurate IT budget forecasts, and shows you which items are causing the most problems and therefore should be replaced.

Software License Control

A big problem for many small to medium businesses is software license control, especially when it comes to Microsoft. With the various different types of license agreements, it is difficult to keep track of compliance. Our staff is well versed in the different licensing rules, and can identify gaps in compliance and work with you to formulate a plan to close those gaps. Should an audit occur, we will work with you through the process and suggest solutions to avoid costly fines and penalties.

Vendor Contract Negotiation

Let our team help you negotiate the best prices from your vendors. We have helped many customers reduce their cell phone costs by up to 50% just by seeing a yearly bill cycle and negotiating changes with the vendor.

Other times this results in a vendor change, but we try to work with your existing vendor primarily. We also provide IT asset purchase negotiation. Other companies sell products and services; however this can present a conflict of interest as they are trying to “make the sale” instead of doing what is in your best interest. As we do not sell product, our goal is for you to get the right IT items for your business, at the best price. Our network of vendors and vendor resources allows us to negotiate the best prices on your behalf.

Budget and Proposal Preparation

Working closely with your team, we can put together proposals for new technology implementations, replacement systems and system upgrades for the coming year.

Using our network of vendors, we can help to give budgetary costing on these projects to ensure that there are no big surprises in the IT budget for the next fiscal year